Artxanda from the Pesetita

The route starts from the Puente de la Salve and we take the bidegorri path towards the Mount. After a slight climb we reach an area of banks that are officially called Pikotamendi although it is commonly known as the Pesetita. We continue up a path towards Artxanda that leads us to a parking area for tourist coaches. The route has a distance of 2.4 km.

During this route we can view the Guggenheim with the Puppy, a panoramic view of the estuary, views of the whole city from different perspectives (from Pesetita and Artxanda).

Artxanda on the Ganguren route

The route begins in the Arangoiti neighbourhood, an access to Artxanda not commonly visited. Through this route we can see the entire urban area of Bilbao. The route starts from the San Pedro de Deusto square, a part of the historic centre of the neighbourhood. We ascend heading towards the steps that climb towards the Berriz neighbourhood, which is already in Artxanda.

In this tour we find a small kiosk called Churrería La Ideal, which is as it was many years ago.


After the urban growth of Bilbao, Artxanda has been populated with houses and roads. However, there are still practically pristine areas such as the Potongo within Artxanda. The complete route is 4.4 kilometres. This route is of a mildly difficult starting from the Puente de La Salve and ending at Plaza Pío X in Deusto. The roads are motorways, the Bidegorri and finally dirt tracks.

All neighbourhoods in the north of Bilbao have access to the Artxanda Mount, so there are numerous routes. Our route starts from the Puente de la Salve. First, we cross La Salve bridge to take the bidegorri and enter the Artxanda route through the Pesetita.


This route is a quiet 5.8 km walk on the outskirts of the town of Galdakano. The route begins near the centre of Galdakano, from the very colourful Lehendakaria Ardanza park, which has several sculptures. We head north, towards the Mount following the first signs of the Altamira route. The views we admire are incredible to the south, Malmasín, the Paga mountain range and the Ganeko.