Access to the Artxanda Funicular



Lines 72-26-11-22 and 71 bring you close to the lower station of the funicular.



Line A3216 brings you to the Artxanda sports centre and the A3223 near the lower station.



From any point of Bilbao (see map in location), you can access the lower station of the funicular in no more than 15 minutes; through such pleasant areas as Paseo Abandoibarra, Casco Viejo, Paseo de las Universidades ... and once on the Paseo del Campo Volantín, the Funicular Square is not more than 100 m. away


Lower station
N 43° 16’ 8”
W 2° 55’ 34”

Upper station
N 43° 16’ 26”
W 2° 55’ 13”


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