Leisure at Artxanda


Artxanda is one of the most emblematic places of Bilbao that offers a wide variety of leisure activities different from what can be found in the great city of Bilbao. The first obligatory stopover is the  <926>Artxanda Viewpoint</926>  that gives us a complete panorama of Bilbao from the Txorierri valley to the airport.


Around these incredible views we can enjoy two cultural pieces: In the first place something further from the viewpoint, the <935>Engranaje</935>; a piece that is preserved from the original structure of the funicular.


Second, we can admire at close range the views of  <944>la Huella</944>. It is a sculpture made of 8-meter carbon steel and about 8,000 kilograms that represents a fingerprint. The author of this work is Juan José Novella and reminds us of the gudaris and militiamen who fought against Franco’s troops in the Civil War.


On the other hand, the Artxanda Mount has enabled a  perfect  <953>zona de merenderos</953>  with a very large area to organize picnics and barbecues. It is an area with indigenous trees of immense value and a rich vegetation where many families and friends enjoy a sunny day to rest and eat outdoors.


Sport is another of the leisure options that we can consider doing in Artxanda. The alternatives are multiple from bicycle routes, hiking or general outdoor sports in the fields. However, we can also enjoy the  <962>sports centre</962>, which includes tennis courts, ball and paddle courts. In addition, they also have a soccer field or a multi-sports court to play football, handball, basketball …

The sports centre includes an indoor pool and another area of outdoor pools ideal to enjoy a day out in the sun. Swimming courses for different ages can be booked during several months of the year. The entrance to the Artxanda sports centre can be done by paying Bilbao Kirolak or by paying the ticket.