Lifts and ramps


The era of vertical mobility

The Funicular, the tourist emblem of Bilbao

Current mobility in Bilbao is the result of constantly overcoming numerous challenges. One of them, perhaps the most important, has been overcoming the unique geology of the Town, full of numerous natural barriers.

Nowadays, Bilbao has 63 lifts and elevators (in 61 locations), 13 mechanical escalator sections (in 3 locations) and 7 mechanical ramps (in 2 locations) sections, all of them municipal and free for use, which make life a bit easier for Bilbao citizens, and allow for greater territorial and social cohesion and seen throughout Europe as an example to follow.

To get to this point has not been easy. The use of the most advanced technology in the control and operation of these mechanical accesses, in many cases authentic made-to-measure prototypes, has allowed us to turn them into real elements of mobility.

For example, by extending its operating hours, which has increased its use to almost 26 million people last year.
But nothing we have achieved could be understood without the existence of our emblematic “Funi”. And it is that the Artxanda Funicular, that is shown in these pages, represents today one of the emblems tourist of the Town, after being an example of the vertical mobility of our city for more than century.

From the area of Mobility and Sustainability of the Bilbao City Council, we welcome you to this high-altitude trip through our city.