Technical characteristics


Technical characteristics of the Artxanda funicular

Maximum speed
5 m/s (18 km/h)

Travel time
3 minutes

70 people

770,34 m

226,49 m

Maximum slope

Engine power

Drive pulley
5 m ø


There is a route of 770.34 m, with an intermediate bend that makes this funicular unique to other funiculars, it gains a difference of 226.49 m with maximum slopes of 44.98%.

The wagons have a capacity for 70 passengers.

The operation is based on a cable of 4 cm in diameter consisting of steel wires, which through rubber-lined pulleys to prevent friction and wear and tear of the cable. These are distributed along the track. Both wagons are linked through it and are used as a mutual counterweight, which does not prevent the use of a 300 kW power engine, which at 1,500 revolutions per minute, it attacks a reducer that brings it down to 30 revolutions per minute and this does so on the large 5-m diameter drive pulley that pulls the cable.

There are some brakes: main and operational that together with those of the wagons and an PLC automatic system that manages all funicular functions and makes an accident practically impossible.

The steel cable is checked annually by specialized external personnel to check its condition and recommend its replacement if necessary, the last one was carried out five years ago, its useful life is 15 – 25 years.
Every day there is a test trip, without passengers, prior to its opening.

Plano del recorrido del funicular de Artxanda