Bilbao at your feet


Walk from Bilbao to Deusto

We start our walk from the old quarter of Bilbao and admire the church of San Nicolás and El Arenal. We continue on walk on the right side of the river from which we can admire the views of Bilbao Town Hall, the Guggenheim Museum and the University of Deusto, apart from the incredible bridges that cross the river such as La Salve bridge, Zubizuri, the Deusto bridge reaches out to sea. From there we can view the new San Mames Stadium. The 2.3km route takes about 30 minutes to walk.

Walk along the Gran Vía

The walk starts from the Doña Casilda Park commonly known as the Duck Park where we can see and visit another of the best-known museums in Bilbao the Museum of Fine Arts. We head towards the Gran Vía where we will pass Plaza Moyua This route offers a wide variety of leisure and Basque cuisine with restaurants and bars of exceptional quality.

We can admire views of large buildings and monuments such as the Palace of the Provincial Council of Vizcaya or the statue of the founder of the village Don Diego López de Haro in the circular plaza.

Paseo Uribitarte

Another of the most beautiful tours through Bilbao is the Paseo Uribitarte where visitors can go for a stroll along the left bank of the estuary. This pleasant walk reflects the evolution of the industrial city of Bilbao in a city of art and leisure with the structure of the Guggenheim Museum in the background.

During the walk you can admire gardens, kiosks and some monuments or emblematic buildings such as the Zubizuri; and finish your walk under the famous spider Mama (Maman) by Louise Bourgeois.